SMELL the brown spices
SEE the fiery amber
TASTE the blonde strength

AMBER BEER Alc. 6% Vol.

Bar Belge is an exceptional beer. This little miracle’s secret lies in its recipe and its immense passion for the art of brewing. The code to crack this mystery is 5 – 3 – 5.

Bar Belge is brewed with five select types of malt. Malt is grain that has been germinated and dried in a specific way, which is a crucial step in determining its signature character. The selection of these malts is a cornerstone of Bar Belge’s authentic colour and flavour palette.

The well-thought out balance between three types of hop forms the foundation for Bar Belge's bitter-sour character and its rich aromas.

It's not just the ingredients that contribute to Bar Belge's striking personality, meticulous precision during the brewing process is just as important. Exact timing and correct brewing techniques are essential to Bar Belge's original flavour and scent. The different types of hop are added into the mixture at five different key moments, abiding by the beer brewing rules.


Bar Belge is an extraordinary prey for those constantly on the hunt for delights of outstanding quality. The untamed nature of this amber-coloured beer reveals an intense bouquet. Superiour malts contributed to this ever so delicately balanced harmony between three kinds of hops that were added into the blend at five different points in time. The intense body explores new depths with its delicately spiced aroma balanced throughout. The graciously frothy head is living proof of the secondary fermentation process in the bottle. Bar Belge: let this sublime sourish bitter and its subtle hint of freshness surprise you.

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